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ABOUT US - UK Venue Management

Divergent Venues was founded in 2022 by Kai and Sarah Harris. The company was born out of a desire to apply 20+ years of music industry and venues experience coupled with a keen knowledge of modern systems and software to help much loved, grassroots music venues become more profitable by managing their diaries and bookings effectively and helping to streamline key processes.


Do you have a nightclub that would work as a great live space that’s empty, doing nothing all day until 10pm?


Are you a venue owner/operator with a fantastic live space that you’ve pushed as far as it can go with your current set up, but you know it can do more?


Do you have an unused licensed space such as a comedy club or community hall that could easily be converted to a live space on a temporary or permanent basis?


Are you a council or government site with a great facility that could be generating income?


If you would like to find out more about how we can help manage your venue in the UK, call us today and we will be happy to answer any questions and talk you through our services.

Kai harris
company director

I have been in the music industry for over 25 years’ (longer if you include trying to be a musician) and cut my teeth initially running my own shows with my own band (whilst trying to hold down a day job with a global bank), then thankfully got my break as senior promoter at the legendary Joiners venue in Southampton. After many years as an independent promoter, I moved to national promoting at a corporate level, working on events across Europe up to arena level. I still like to moonlight as a musician, crooning for my occasional grunge covers super group but my real passion these days is in grass roots music venues.

Sarah harris
company director and general manager

My background is in finance and accounting for large multinational companies and like to pride myself as being extremely organised and focused on customer service. I’m a lifelong fan of music and am constantly being told off by our children that my music is too loud (I also get told off for going too far into the mosh). With Divergent Venues I love to see shows come to fruition, with the band, the venue team and the audience having the best time.

Kurt Jones
Diary and Administrative Assistant

Kurt has been involved in the music industry from both an events management and a musician's perspective and joined the Divergent Venues team in Feb 2023.

Diary and Administrative Assistant

Larry has worked a touring musician and has even crossed paths with our main man Kai at Takedown of old as a performer. He brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and a very diverse skill set.


Venue Management Across the UK  

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